Daniel D DeMars is a partner and senior consultant for The Viridis Group He has spent over 25 years in the biomedical field, including research (basic and applied), clinical medicine (hospital/medical laboratory science), new product development, sales, marketing, project management, academic administration, finance, and strategic management.

Mr DeMars has held management positions with Glaxo Inc (now GlaxoSmithKline), Miles Pharmaceuticals (now Bayer), ClinTrials Research and PharmaResearch Corporation (two contract research organizations since acquired by Inveresk Research). His extensive experience has covered all areas of new biomedical product development, including academic (“bench”) research, clinical trials design and management, protocol conception and development, medical writing (manuscripts, abstracts, summary reports, IND/NDA sections, package inserts) and the vital transition between R&D and marketing.  Mr DeMars has a deep appreciation of the important – yet often overlooked – link between academia and the private sector in new product development, as he successfully established and directed an Office of Biomedical Industry Relations at a US medical school.  Over the course of his career, Mr DeMars has worked with numerous universities and academic medical centers, including the UCLA School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Pittsburgh, Dartmouth Medical School, Eastern Virginia Medical School, University of Vermont College of Medicine, Duke University, California Institute of Technology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Albany Medical Center and the University of Washington.

Mr DeMars holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, a Master of Science degree in Pathology and a Master of Business Administration degree.  His primary business interests are: (1) serving the executives and senior management of the emerging biotechnology firm, most notably in – but not limited to – the therapeutic areas of oncology, immunology, infectious disease, neuroscience, traumatic brain injury and the rapidly-evolving field of genetics/genomics, (2) facilitating strategic relationships between academia and private-sector biomedical (biotech, pharma, device, genomics) firms, and (3) providing due diligence to venture capital firms and angel investors on the scientific viability of biotech companies they are evaluating for investment.


Liam O’Connor specializes in manufacturing and GMP issues. He is experienced in scale-up and commercial production with companies in Ireland and the US. Based in the Chicago area, Liam holds a BS in Biochemistry and an MS in Pharmacology (Formulation) and is a fan of Irish football, notably Limerick FC.

Jamie Anders resides in the state of Washington, where he has over 8 years experience within the healthcare industry in research administration in academia, and in the biotech industry where he worked in clinical research coordination.  Jamie has extensive experience in regulatory affairs and holds a BS in Biology; he has interests in scuba diving and mountain biking. 

Taylor Benson handles our contact database, project coordination, contracting and budgeting matters.  A native Texan, Taylor holds a BA in Finance and has worked in accounting and within in the pharma industry as a clinical research monitor for two firms.  She enjoys skiing and traveling, especially in Europe.

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