Our passions are the emerging biotechnology firm and relations between academic biomedical researchers and the private sector biomedical industry.

We feel that these emerging companies – unlike large pharmaceutical firms – can best utilize the services we offer, as there is a mutually-beneficial fit in terms of size, energy, philosophy and interest.  The discoveries that originate from emerging firms will have the most significant clinical impact in the coming decades – particularly in the fields of immunology, oncology, infectious disease, neuroscience (notably traumatic brain injury) and genetic science.

Additionally, there is often a need for a facilitator – or catalyst – for the advancement of discoveries from the university laboratory (or clinical research unit) to the biomedical products industry.  Can scientists learn to think more like business people? Can business people better appreciate the often-arcane language of biomedical science? We help serve as that essential translator, allowing all parties to optimally understand the details of their collaborations.

The Viridis Group is dedicated to establishing and maintaining a close working relationship with our clients – from both academia and the private sector. We do not merely aim to meet their expectations…we exceed them. Customer satisfaction is simply not acceptable…we strive for client delight.

Unlike most large management consulting firms, The Viridis Group works only in biomedical R&D.  Unlike most large management consulting firms, our services are provided at a reasonable and competitive cost, since we do not have to support such sizeable overhead.  And unlike most large management consulting firms, your investment in us pays for itself multiple times over.


The Viridis Group provides three primary services:

(1)  Serving “emerging” (i.e., small-to-midsize) biotechnology companies by:

  • Finding “best-fit” outsourcing vendors. Identification, assessment, and retention of ideal R&D facilitators (e.g., CROs, data shops, clinical reference labs, regulatory consultants, monitors) for each project. We maintain a constantly-updated database of vendors’ capabilities, capacities, specialty services, and interests – and match them to our clients’ needs.
  • Identifying sources of R&D financing. Venture capital, industry-sponsored grants, IPOs, mezzanine financing, SBA grants, others funding resources.
  • Assisting in strategic planning. Business plan formulation/evaluation, strategic and tactical (“critical path”) management, Lean/Six Sigma, staffing/cost issues (in-house research conduct vs outsourcing), partnering with other development firms, equity valuation/use, operations and workflow optimization.
  • Expediting firms’ intellectual property. Patents, licensing, intellectual property valuation and technology transfer of biomedical discoveries.

(2)  Working with academic medical centers and research universities in facilitating academicians’ research efforts.   We assist both basic (“bench”) scientists and clinical investigators in the commercialization of their discoveries and their transfer to the private sector. We work closely with the academic investigators, their staffs and their universities’ research management offices.

(3)  Providing consultative services to sources of investment capital, such as venture capital firms, private equity providers and angel investors.  We perform the necessary due diligence in researching and evaluating the scientific, medical, regulatory and commercial viability of the R&D pipelines of biotech firms that are attractive to such investors.

Professional Fees

The Viridis Group charges reasonable and customary consulting fees, at rates far below those of large management consulting firms. Upon contracting, a traditional retainer fee is payable, against which the first twenty (20) billable hours are charged. Other fees and charges, as well as a comprehensive description of services, will be covered during a personal presentation.

Past Clients / Partners